Whitney’s Week is a blog about my outdoor adventures and raising a rescue puppy.  I’m Whitney.  This is Jackie.

I am a photographer, blogger, and adventurer.  I do lots more, but the best way to sum up my personal passions is to say that I love people and sharing experiences with them.

Oh yeah, I work too.  I am a freelance photographer working in the triad of North Carolina.  I take professional head shots, family and fashion portraits, as well as product photos.  I love to work events as well, whether it be a wedding, a party, or a ceremony.  I can help you capture those precious memories.  I work hard to help you get more than what you’re looking for in a photo. If you want to see some of my photography, click here.

I love sharing my experiences, and if you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll concur that I can’t stop talking about what I’ve been doing.  As a child of the social media age, and a lover of photography and writing, I thought I could share my adventures with more than just my family and friends.  That’s where Whitney’s Week comes in.  I blog all about my outdoor adventures, my puppy Jackie, and random life events on Whitney’s Week.  So, check it out.

Click on some stuff, and just explore.  Maybe start here.