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Casey Neistat

Everyone knows him.  He’s the king of cinematic vlogging.  He shows us the best of his adventures, in his city and everywhere else.  He is Casey Neistat.


Casey Neistat is a well known vlogger and filmmaker (which, according to him, is the same thing).  One of my favorite things about his channel and his personal brand is the philosophy of what he does, why he does it, and his philanthropic side to his work.


Casey has an incredible backstory and a life that anyone would say is inspiring.  Here’s an illustrated “Draw my Life” video that can explain all that.


Casey is such a unique YouTube personality and a pretty cool person altogether.  He often customizes tech and gear to fit his needs and style, and one of his popular segments is a Q&A where he drops bombs on people who ask those seemingly simple questions.



Casey’s been featured on so many channels of media and he has done commercial work for Nike, J. Crew, Mercedes, and I’m sure a bunch more brands, and his content is always stellar.


I mean, his sense of style alone makes him perfect for this J. Crew piece.


In his work with Nike, he tells the story of blowing Nike’s movie making budget on traveling around the world, and filming his adventures with his friend Max.  What Nike got was worth much more than they paid for.


The theme of spontaneous adventure is common on his channel.  He travels the world, runs a ton almost every day, and commits to staying active even though he’s rocking it out as a video superstar.

Speaking of adventure, that cool Jeep/snow boarding picture was in the Big Apple.  Casey makes New York City look amazing, as it is.  He puts a fresh perspective on the diversity of New York and the vast opportunity for collaboration and creativity.  And he makes it look fun and easy, of course.


My personal favorite part of his vlog (and his life) is Candice Pool, his amazing wife.  Though she doesn’t make an appearance in all of his vlogs, her presence is bold when she does, and lingers when Casey’s not with her.  She also has an inspiring story of entrepreneurship in NYC; she started her own jewelry business that is the cheekiest and cutest stuff I’ve seen.  I just love hw they support each other.

I am addicted to Casey’s content and non-stop creative risks.  If you don’t know who he is, you’re missing out.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.  And don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel.  Lord knows he needs more subscribers. 😉


Oh, and definitely check out Candice’s jewelry business called Billy! and her Instagram page.

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