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Jenna Marbles

You probably already know this amazing woman.


It’s Jenna Marbles!!

I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite vloggers and YouTubers in preparation for actually putting some new content on my own YouTube channel (which will happen very soon).  First comes Jenna Marbles.

I think of Jenna Marbles as one of those classic YouTubers, on the front lines of molding the platform into what it has become.  I absolutely love her dirty mouth and random topic discussion, but I think the aspect of her channel that draws me in the most is her honest humor.


This YouTuber doesn’t hold anything back, and she doesn’t have to, because we get it!  There are some comedians whose jokes just don’t play out.  There are some YouTubers whose content goes over most everyone’s heads, but Jenna has cornered the market in both ridiculously clever and widely accessible content.  This is why her fans connect with her and have such a strong sense of connection with the actual person, Jenna.

Jenna has that laid back personality you wish you could have, loves to change the color of her hair, tries so many different styles of makeup, and voices the thoughts of her pets.  What more could you ask for?

Jenna is funny, sometimes serious, super smart, and so pretty, but I would just like to point out some of the people (and dogs) that have added to her amazing channel and allow us to see another side of Jenna’s life.


There is the one who was there from the start.  Marbles, the old Mexican kitty.

I do remember when Max No-Sleeves was in the picture, but a much better guy came along for Jenna, and that’s Julien!!  He has his own YouTube channel with artsy films and a personal vlog which Jenna stars in on several occasions.  He’s super sweet, very collaborative, and supports Jenna, which is more than perfect.

There’s also Kermit, and Italian greyhound who’s nervous personality just cracks me up!  Jenna points out a comment in one of her videos where someone spelled this sweethearts name “Cermet.” It’s a long time running joke and actually has me convinced that it is the true spelling and pronunciation.


I would never forget about Peaches, Julien’s Italian Greyhound who acts opposite of Kermit, and never ceases to entertain me.

Oh yeah, they got a hamster named Ad recently!!


It’s surprising to me how similar she is in her vlog, her podcast, her social media pages, and Julian’s vlogs.  Jenna is amazing, and I’ll always look up to her.

Check out her channel and her website for more!


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