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Meet Jackie

Hey you!

I’m glad you’re here because I am not at peace until everyone has met my puppy, Jackie.  Here she is!



Of course, she wasn’t always this big.

In late March of 2016, I adopted this little booger from the Orange County Animal Shelter in Chapel Hill, where I went to college.  Here is her first car ride photo.


At the time of the adoption, I was living on campus and didn’t exactly get permission from my parents to adopt a dog and drop her off at home.  She lived with a friend off campus in a sort of co-parenting situation where I visited daily and spent most of my time teaching her not to chew fingers.  After I graduated, she moved in with me and my parents, and we all make up a happy family!

This is Jackie with my friend Alex.  Alex says that I was being very irresponsible when I went to adopt her.  But look how happy he is!


My mom has a Dachshund named Chipper, and he was so happy when she first arrived.  Now, he gets annoyed like a common big brother would, especially because she is now 5 times his size and not any less playful!


Jackie loves to rip up paper, chew on anything made of wood, and run laps around you if you try to ignore her.  Together, we love exploring the trails and parks of North Carolina.  Soon we’ll be able to travel a little further from home, so stay tuned for our first camping trip!

Jackie says bye!


Follow Jackie on Instagram at @jackiethepuppie!

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