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Meet Lou

Guess what I did?

Yup, I adopted a second dog.  I have an obsession with browsing the adoption galleries of Animal Shelters near me, and since I had been thinking about getting a second dog, I had been looking for one similar to Jackie in size and age.  I happened upon a handsome Border Collie mix that was estimated to be about Jackie’s age, so I took the plunge and went to go meet him.

They picked him up as a stray, so they named him Manning for the time he was there. He was all over the place while I walked him outside, making me wonder how long he’d been cooped up in that place.  He was sweet as can be, so I took him home without a second thought.  The first thing I did with him was name him Lou.

The shelter I adopted Lou from was a low cost branch of the county’s Public Health department, so they didn’t have the resources to have in house veterinary care.  I took him to our Vet to get a check up and to get fixed about a week after I had him, and they put a cone on the poor boy.  He quickly learned how to maneuver out of it by bumping into big furniture though.

Lou is learning all of the rules of my house and how to be a good boy, and he’s doing incredibly well.  He’s had to be house trained and I’m teaching him the basics of sitting and coming to make sure he earns his praise and food.  I think he’s learning so quickly because he’s a brilliant boy and Jackie is alongside him showing him the way.  I’m extremely pleased that Jackie loves Lou so much.  They would play all day if they had the energy.

I’m hoping to teach him to jog with me, and eventually get both my pups to go on some runs.  My ultimate goal is to take these two on some backpacking trips.  I’ll let you know how that goes, but for now, we all are spent after a couple miles of hiking.


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