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Meet Whitney

Hello there.  My name is Whitney.  And this is…

I wanted to send out an intro post just summarizing who I am so you know where all these posts are coming from.

I’ve tried this blogging thing before, and I got the idea to name my blog Whitney’s Week somewhere near the end of my undergraduate college career, so it was a mess.  I was writing on and off, reviewing television and movies, and just posting all over the place nonsense that was hard to follow and even more hard to keep up with.  After graduating, I’ve decided I want to give it another go.

Whitney’s Week is officially a blog about my weekly adventures, specifically about raising a rescue puppy and spending time outdoors.  It’ll be fun.  I want to keep it light, but I anticipate some heartfelt thoughts every now and again.  I’ll also try to throw in How To’s and lists of favorites to help those of you who are interested in what I’m doing.

So, more about me, myself, and I.


I am a photographer, blogger, and college adviser who lives in the North Carolina foothills.  I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May of 2016 and adopted my adorable best friend Jackie a couple of months before walking across the stage.  It’s been a whirlwind since then when I moved back in with my parents, started my first full time job, and started saving for a my first house.

I’ll probably be posting mixed messaged about living with my parents.  As a 22 year old, I feel completely independent and self sufficient, but moving back in with the people who raised me has it’s challenges.  All in all, my parents are gracious people who want the best for me and have helped me save a ton of money these first few months of actual adult life.  Love you Mommy and Daddy!

My first full time job has been a fabulous gig as a college adviser through the Carolina College Advising Corps.  It has allowed me to continue to work for my Alma Mater while actually serving the students of a small community close to my hometown.  I help high school students realize and reach their potential by assisting them with post graduate planning and college prep.  It’s hard work, but extremely rewarding.



As I move on to the different stages of my life, I’ll keep you updated on all that is Jackie and all that is adventure.  Subscribe by entering your email in the form in the sidebar, and you can follow along with us!

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