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Mike Cantwell

If you know anything about my blog or about me, you probably know I’ve been wishy-washy about this whole blogging thing.  After all, I haven’t posted in more than two months!

That changes today.  A big thing I’ve struggled with is focusing my blog on a topic or two that I can put enough time aside to explore and actually post regularly about.  I had refocused not too long ago to post about my rescue puppy and some outdoorsy things we do together. That was working well, but I got busy and my life has gone through some changes.

As you may know, I moved into my house at the end of 2016, dove into a marketing position at Greensboro Parks and Rec, and adopted a second dog while my brother was living with me in the summer.  As crazy as all that may sound, that’s not all…

I found a new job at Wake Forest University, and I’m only in my 4th week here.  It’s been awesome so far, and I hope it forces me to learn new things, pushes me out of my comfort zone, and encourages me to reach for bigger opportunities in my career (ahhh, I’m calling it a career now!).  The coolest part of my recent life changes is what this post is really about.

I met someone…

Mike Cantwell is a handsome man from outside of Rochester, New York that sort of accidentally wandered into my life.  I’m getting more comfortable talking about how we met (online), but we agreed to tell people that we first met at a coffee shop.  It’s not a lie!

Mike is ridiculously smart. It gets annoying sometimes, but he always has an answer for everything and loves to talk with me for hours.  He works as a graphic designer and we share a love for art and design. It’s awesome to have an educated conversation while wandering around an art museum.

Mike cares about his family, and he cares about me.  The first thing I noticed and absolutely could not get enough of was Mike’s focus and attention on me.  Mike cares in a way that you don’t have to decipher or assume.  He communicates openly and honestly, making it clear where his feelings are coming from and how deep they actually go.

He’s a dog person!  I never thought dating cat people would be difficult, but let me tell you… this has become nonnegotiable.  Mike loves my crazy pups, and they love him too… probably too much.

He makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. Every time I talk to Mike on the phone, go out to dinner with him, or just come over for a cup of hot chocolate, he makes me feel important.  It never feels like he doesn’t want to give me all the time in the world to vent to him, drill him with tough questions, or just sit with him.  He values time with me, and I value time with him.

Guess what?  I love him!


I saved the disclaimer for the end.  I didn’t mean for this post to be a love letter to Mike or an outlet to brag about my new boyfriend.  I’m just communicating some of the things that are changing and going right in my life, and a big one is him.  I’m also totally changing my Whitney Crush Wednesdays to be about dating this man, cause I know some people look for advice on blogs like this, and the most I can give is my perspective on this kind of stuff.

If you find this kind of stuff annoying, I totally get it.  I do too. LOL

But I hope you stick around to see what’s happening with Jackie and Lou.  See ya!

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