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Snow Day

It rarely snows where I live in North Carolina.  And when it does, it’s mostly muddy ice after a few hours anyway.  This year, we got a surprisingly beautiful little snow storm that lasted about a week and kept us from working (that’s the best part).

Since Jackie was born sometime in January of 2016 (that’s all the info the shelter had), this was her first snow!  I had high hopes for her, but the first lazy day off, she just sniffed at it, and peed on the front porch so she wouldn’t have to get her feet cold.


After that first day, I bundled up and demanded that we have some fun.  Once she realized how fluffy and fun it was, Jackie had a blast running around in the snow!  I especially loved playing fetch with her.  It was a little more complicated, but a lot funnier.


I can’t wait for next winter.  Hopefully we get this fluffy beautiful snow again.  In the meantime, we’ll enjoy the springtime rain and heat.

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